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The beautiful monastery, located just outside Vienna, is known, but also for its celebrations and festivities not only for its Verdun Altar, his museum, his treasury and his estate. Already Napoleon's troops, who spent only one night in Klosterneuburg drank - so MAN says a 1000 bucket barrel in the binder barn with its approximately 65,000 liters empty.
The exquisite and unique premises of the Austrian Escorial offer effective atmosphere stunning frame that can be your event a memorable event.

If you are interested and have further questions, please contact Kerstin Klein at +43 2243/411 253 or vermietungen@stift-klosterneuburg.at

We look forward to welcoming you to the Stift Klosterneuburg!
For more information, please visit: www.stift-klosterneuburg.at/raeume-mieten