Order Transaction

Order process, ordering simply and conveniently


How can I order tickets through the Imperial Austria Online Ticket Shop?


1. Choose ticket / Shopping basket

Choose one or more tickets and click the “Shopping Basket” button. This places your ticket selection in the shopping basket. You can alter your choice any time until sending off your order by clicking the “Remove” box, which deletes your selection, or by cancelling the ordering process. Clicking the “Go to checkout” button takes you to the next step in the ordering process.


2. Enter billing information

Now enter you name and e-mail address so we can send you your purchased online ticket.


3. Select method of payment 

Now enter your preferred payment method (credit card or instant transfer). Your data is collected, processed and used in compliancy with the data privacy regulations. This excludes any other use or transfer to a third party.
You are now taken to an order overview. 


4. Check your order 

You now get an overview of your selected tickets. Check that all information is correct and please read through the General Terms and Conditions ( standard terms of business ) carefully. You can only continue the order if you have agreed to the General Terms and Conditions and the revocation instruction (check box).

5. Complete order /General Terms and Conditions and data protection 

Click the “Order with Costs” button and send us your order. This means you have submitted an offer that is liable to payment.